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Of The Market Events

Our Mission

     “Off the Market” seeks to enrich the lives of couples by offering a unique environment, exclusive services, and access to valuable resources for the ultimate benefit and honoring of the relationship between woman and man.

About Off The Market Events

     “Off The Market events” produces exclusive, one of-a-kind couples events by invitation only; for couples committed to sustaining a positive, healthy, sexy, rewarding, fun, and exciting relationship with their mate.


Dr. Jerika Robinson Johnstone

Dr. Jerika Robinson Johnstone grew up between Oakland, CA and Houston, TX. Know as the “cali cowgirl”, she met NFL player Lance Johnstone (2008 retiree) while he was playing for the Oakland Raiders. After eight years of dating the two tied the knot. Now a five year married veteran, she currently works as a professional mother. Prior to the birth of their daughter, Jerika taught throughout the continental United States, in Central America as well as throughout Africa. Over the course of her relationship with Lance, Jerika earned her BA in Child Development from Spelman College, MA from Teachers College - Columbia University, and a PhD from the University of Minnesota. Their daughter Farrah Zen is the major impetus behind her burgeoning entrepreneurship. Jerika is writing children’s books as well as creatively directing OTM. OTM speaks to her passion to educate. To make a positive difference in the lives of couples through the empowerment of women; both men and children benefit, in this way her dream of touching young lives manifests. “Ultimately we are all ONE, as I offer my unconditional love and support to families, I trust that I benefit tenfold.” Helping women uphold a positive outlook on relationships is healing which she hopes will emanate from OTM.

Jasmine Silva

Philadelphia born and raised, Jasmine Silva has an eye for cutting edge fashion and a mind for mega buck marketing. Her expertise spins from a BA in Political Science with a concentration in Comparative and Developmental Studies of the Middle East from the University of Pennsylvania. Her unique persona and creative outlook landed her within a highly competitive field where she climbed the ranks quickly. She served as assistant to Damon Dash and worked within marketing departments for both Rocawear and Damon Dash Enterprises. Jasmine has been involved in the spectrum of brand-building and hopes to lend this experience to OTM. Building a brand that embraces healthy relationships, loving families and open communication within the home is her vision for OTM. Most recently, Jasmine worked with David Yurman to create retail event concepts and secure hosts for private events such as those hosted by Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat), Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles), Antonio Pierce (New York Giants) and the NFL Mothers Association.

Prior to her move to Atlanta in Spring 09, Jasmine was also managing marketing activities for all DKNY retail stores in the US as well as stores in London and Manchester. During her time at Donna Karan, Jasmine also managed both dkny.com and DonnaKaran.com. She brings these tech savvy skills to OTM with an eye on the masses and a vision for the future. Modest at heart, Jasmine states, “I always strive for success in life, but I believe that success is not defined by your career accomplishments, rather a successful woman is one that is equally amazing as a mother, a wife and a leader in her field. I know that something has to give at some point, but I really believe that you should strive to be equally as accomplished in all three areas simultaneously”.

Tia Robbins

Tia Robbins is a “Midwest Girl”. Born in Omaha, Nebraska she moved to Plymouth, MN at the age of eleven with her parents and three sisters. She met Fred Robbins in Minnesota and after nearly eight years of courtship the two were recently married May 23, 2009. Tia attended Tuskegee University in 1995 to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Her visionary attitude, gregarious personality, and ability to make anything happen landed her a job as the Regional Marketing Coordinator for Universal Music and Video Distribution in 2003. While working her day job Tia managed to plan special events for the MN Vikings. Event planning was not new to Tia, as she states, “it is in the Watts family blood”. Upon Fred signing with the Giants in 2004, Tia relocated to NY and began a career in PR as PR Assistant to the VP of Television Publicity and the VP of Publicity at Clive Davis’ J Records. She quickly climbed the ranks serving as Executive Assistant to Jeff Robinson at MBK Entertainment. Working and touring with famous artists like Alicia Keys and attending major awards shows, was part and parcel of her job. She learned the business and stepped from visionary to entrepreneur.

In 2006, Tia co-founded T3 agency, a boutique PR Agency. Her client list included, the likes of artists and producers such as Swizz Beatz, and major companies such as Monster Cable. In 2007 Tia introduced the TRW Group whose services include lifestyle management and personal concierge services. Since its establishment the TRW Group has planned exclusive red-carpet birthday celebrations for former Michael Strahan (future NFL Hall of Famer), Osi Umenyiora (New York Giants) and Antonio Pierce (New York Giants). After marrying Fred this past May, Tia’s vision expanded to new horizons. As she gained a sense of how to maintain a successful marriage while simultaneously taking care of her own desires, she decided it was time to share her jewels of wisdom with other women. “Everyone’s relationship is different, but there are secrets that should be shared to empower other women striving to sustain a healthy relationship”. Tia believes that women are the rock, the heart, and soul of the relationships. “We’re Superwomen! Therefore, we have to learn how to balance it all (girlfriend, wife, mother, career) and encourage each other”, thus…Off the Market (OTM) was born.